Healing Joint Ambassador Program

The Healing Joint Ambassador Program was developed to help patients like you deal with the difficulty of recovering from an infected total joint replacement. Such support groups are common and very useful for patients recovering from cancer, heart disease, or the death of a loved one. However, prior to the development of this program, no support group existed for those patients faced with the difficulty of recovering from one major operation and having to prepare for another.

As someone who has successfully recovered from two difficult surgeries treating your own joint infection, you are in a unique position to guide someone through the difficulties associated with this process. As you well know the psychological and physical challenges associated with this unexpected complication can be overwhelming at times. These patients are afraid, disappointed at what has happened, and are unsure about how they will function after recovery. The following questions may enter a patient’s mind:

  1. Will the infection be completely cured?

  2. Will I be able to walk normally again?

  3. Will the infection come back?

  4. Will I lose my leg?

These are but a few of the many questions in the minds of the patients confronted with this problem. Such concerns can be calmed by talking to somebody like yourself who has “walked the walk” of having to go through two major operations to cure a prosthetic joint infection.

By sharing your successful story of recovery, you can give these patients HOPE that their recoveries will be similar. Therefore, in order to help these patients through this difficult time WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Such help will only involve a few phone calls or online conversations that would involve listening to concerns, answering a few questions, and sharing your successful outcome. We would also ask that you direct the patient to an educational at website “HealingJoints.com”. This was created by a group of joint replacement physicians to help answer a variety of questions related to recovery that you may not be comfortable answering.

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