Tips For Care Givers

Caring for a loved one dealing with a joint infection can be challenging whether it is in the hospital or at home. One must recognize that being a caregiver of a patient having a two-stage procedure for infection can also have a large influence on your life. Your independence has been taken away from you since you now have to care for someone who needs a lot of help because of two unexpected surgeries. Therefore, while you are caring for your loved one, it is important for you to make time for yourself once the patient is stable.

Preparing food ahead of time can allow you the freedom to go on with your life while still providing for your patient. Rest is also very important for the caregiver; nap when the patient naps, and go to bed earlier than usual. Also exercise when possible.  
Patience is very important during this period since the patient may have mood swings which are expected and normal.

The patients are the ones who have to face, not only the pain, but the uncertainty concerning whether their infection will be cured. There are psychological issues that the patients have to deal with beyond just the physical pain they are experiencing. Your patience will be greatly appreciated as they move through their recovery process. 

Remember, it is important to create a balance between caring for others and yourself. You may not feel that caring for yourself is a priority but it is imperative that you take time for yourself during this process. The best gift you can give your loved one is to also take care of yourself. 

If you would like support from a caregiver who has gone through a similar process caring for their loved one with a joint infection, please answer a few questions about yourself and your loved ones diagnosis and condition. All information will remain confidential. 

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