Mood Changes

Dealing with a periprosthetic infection is challenging. As a patient, you have gone from anticipating an improved lifestyle walking without pain, to now facing two surgeries with a long period of recovery between each. It is quite natural for this to affect your mood.  Opioid narcotics can also add to such mood swings, and therefore, once you get over the acute phase of pain it is important to when off of them.

Some patients facing the challenge of two unexpected surgeries can become depressed.  It is important to focus on the fact that 90% of patients return to an active lifestyle following two-stage procedures for infection. Planning social interaction with friends, neighbors, and family is helpful.  It is also important to have something to look forward to; therefore, it is important to plan such activities. If you do not do so, then every day becomes the same where you get your antibiotics, you take your pain medications, and you count the days until you have your joint put back in. We cannot over emphasize the importance of maintaining strong mental health since this will hasten your recovery. If you feel that you are becoming extremely depressed, you should talk it over with your primary care physician.